Stud 5000 Spray


Stud 5000 Spray is designed for men It acts as a mild anesthetic on the penis and helps to desensitize the skin. Stud 5000 Spray also helps to delay ejaculation and is highly useful for people experiencing early discharge. It helps to improve the sexual intercourse experience for both men and women.

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Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray USA Available at Affordable Prices

Order Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray is a spray-type fluid that can be used to stud male ejaculation. The stud spray is composed of local anaesthesia that is non-toxic and creates a numb sensation over the body part that is applied for a prolonged time. It can be applied to the penis to make the penis unconscious, allowing the user to plunge into bliss in the bed.

Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray Uses

Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray is an easy-to-lubricate, which reduces friction in sexual interactions. This spray lets you stud the climax all the time you’d like to. It is unnecessary to track the time to have sexual encounters following after Buy Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray Online.

How to take Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray?

Make sure to shake your Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray Online bottle thoroughly before use. Place the container at least 2 to 3 inches from your penis, and spray it 3 to 4 times. You can also spray it onto your fingertips, massage it, and gently massage your penis.

The spray is inert and flavourless. It would be best to wait for 5 to seven minutes before having an intimate relationship. Enjoy your day with long-lasting sexual pleasure. Don’t use at least five sprays in 1 second each time.

Is Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray safe to consume after buying it from sildenafil online?

Yes, it is the trusted store where you can go for the best of the generic spray. If you want to check out, then you can check the Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray Reviews.

Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray Works

  • The Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray is designed to reduce the penis’s sensitivity.
  • Stud 5000 Spray acts as an anaesthetic mild that acts immediately to de-sensitize the penis.
  • Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray from India for males has a mild skin lubricant that is odourless and colourless, and safe for women and men.
  • Stud 5000 20 Gm Spray Side effects

There is no adverse reaction if used in the dose recommended. Use a very small amount and gradually increase the dosage based on results and experience. If a large quantity of the spray is used, it is a possibility of negative side effects like numbness, the temporary loss of sensitivity or skin irritation.

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