Fortune Healthcare

Fortune Health Care was incepted in 2004 to offer high-quality medicines across various therapeutic areas. The company’s location is Baroda, Gujarat (India), and it is working to assist patients suffering from illness. Due to their high-quality medicines, the company’s medicines have gained an extensive prescribing base. The company also ships its medications to the USA.


The company has the largest hygienic laboratory and manufacturing facility spread over 10,000-15,000 square meters, located within Baroda, Gujarat, enabling us to create highly efficient Pharmaceutical Medicines that have been clinically evaluated before distribution. There is all equipment to ensure a smooth production process, and they also have facilities for contract manufacturing.

Quality Assurance

As a company driven by quality, they are not compromising on the quality, formula, or the ingredients they use in their products. They employ time-tested ingredients that are sourced from trusted manufacturing firms. They have been thoroughly evaluated, tested, and then remarked on by their quality inspectors in terms of quality and efficacy.

Research and Development

They can provide top-quality Pharmaceutical Medicines thanks to the unending efforts of their research experts. Their research team of 6-10 experts continuously strives to create new compounds that are safer and more efficient. Additionally, they have advanced labs that can carry out all necessary research.

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