Erectile dysfunction – Symptoms and causes

Erection issues can be caused by physical problems, mental disorders, or both. It could be due to the inability to get sexual arousal due to various causes such as inadequate blood flow to the penis, impaired nerves that regulate sexual hormones, arousal, and multiple conditions that affect the nervous system’s normal functioning.

The symptoms

The most common symptoms of erectile dysfunction include difficulty getting sex and pain during sexual activity, and premature ejaculation. There is also a low desire and the inability to keep an erection. These symptoms develop gradually and can be worsened over time. Certain people may have several symptoms of ED at the same time.

For men who do not suffer from any disease that might limit their capacity to engage in sexual relations, ED occurs when male-female genitalia don’t respond to stimuli sexually in the same way as expected. It is also known as organic ED because it has a biological root. It is caused by psychological factors that include anxiety over performing, fear of rejection and negative thoughts about sexuality, and feelings of shame or guilt about sexuality.

Doctors can diagnose patients according to the severity of the issue, the pattern of onset symptoms, any risk factors, and the history of previous symptoms. People who suffer from psychogenic ED typically have less severe symptoms than those suffering from organic ED. But, as the severity of dysfunction rises and the symptoms increase, they become more intense.


A frequent issue that affects millions of men worldwide is erectile dysfunction, also known as ED. It can affect any age group, and however, most patients are diagnosed around 40 and 70 years old.

The most common time for erection issues is between 18-30, but they could appear earlier. There isn’t a known basis for this problem. However, certain cases have been associated with depression, stress fatigue, fatigue, injuries, medication and diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels and obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking, and other health-related factors.

While specific causes like diabetes and genetics can trigger this problem, other causes could be involved like stress, aging and poor health, psychological issues, or medical issues. This video outlines the three most common reasons for Erectile Dysfunction.

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